Friday, March 16, 2012

Travel Lust - Backpacks, Bulgaria, Bloggers and Kony

Travel Lust is a weekly compilation of my favorite travel related articles from the previous week.

Places to See in 2012 - Extended Edition - I am seriously considering a trip to Bulgaria after reading this.

5 Reasons to Network Regularly with Your Fellow Travel Bloggers - Something for me to keep in mind.

On Backpacks and Babies - An Auto-Cartography - One of the most well written travel stories I have ever read.  Inspiration in both content and technique.

I am a Visible Child from Northern Uganda - Invisible Children's video about Kony has been all over the place lately.  This is a response from someone who grew up in the shadow of Kony's legacy and is worth reading to get a better sense of how Ugandans feel about this video.

Have you seen something you think I might like? Tell me about it! I’m always looking to discover interesting new articles and other fun stuff.


  1. I don't know where to PM you so I just wrote here...hehe...I wish I could be where you are right now at the other side of the world doing globe-trotting! :-)


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