Submission Guidelines

Would you like to write for Soul Fodder?

I accept submissions on all travel-related topics, but would give bonus points for the following:

- Travelogues with photographs
- Travel to places off the beaten path
- Pieces that deal with finding contentment and/or life direction through travel
- Writing that deals with the issues of being foreign (expat and immigrant stories welcome)
- Writing that addresses social and political issues, either in a particular destination or globally
- Solo travel writing
- Travel from a female perspective

The goal here is to provide content that cannot be found on other travel sites, so I encourage out-of-the-box thinking! I am happy to use old blog posts the you have published on your own site, provided that they are at least six months old.

Please email me at soulfodder[at]gmail[dot]com, with the following:

-Your writing in an attached MS Word document
-Any photos (I love having original photos, no stock please)
-A short writer's bio (three sentences or less, may include links)
-A writer's photo (optional)
Thanks for the interest!  I can't wait to hear from you!


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